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Maybe We Just Made Love – I Love You Because

Looking for a tenor musical theatre audition song? Look no further. This wonderful song contains great icebreakers, lovely belts, some nice moments of self-doubt combined with a earworm tune.

Perfect for tenor men, it’s lovely tune which combines power and subtlety beautifully. A great one for showing off a tilty, beautiful male tone, plus a sense of humour.

Its top note is a Bb4, but it is possible to cut around it. The cut comes in at just under 3 minutes, but it could be possible to shorten the first bit before it kicks into the main song, as that eats up a lot of time.

Top Note: Bb4 (Tilt)
Qualities Needed: Tilt, Speech

You’ll Never Walk Alone – Carousel

To my mind, the perfect “sung” audition song. Gorgeous open vowel sounds combined with a melody that runs right from the base of the voice to the top, all in a song contained in just over two minutes. Can be sung ‘legit’, with nice open vowels and a lovely mix, or taken down for females and belted. I’d recommend keeping it legit, since the vowels tend to be a little more back and might not suit well for belting.

Get the sheet music here, the CD here and the movie here.

Top Note: G (Soprano or Tenor)
Mix Voice Required: Recommended
Head Voice Required: Recommended for Female Singers
Date: 1945

Leaning On A Lamppost – Me And My Girl

A classic easy male tune, with lots of character and beautiful long notes. Perfect for the auditioning male, and fits a lot of character into a short amount of bars. Ignore George Fornby’s riffing on the ukulele that follows the main stanza – uke not required.

You can get the CD for Me and My Girl here for under $1.00 (as always, recommended listening if you’re serious about getting into the character), and the sheet music here.

Top Note: E
Mix Voice Required: Yes
Head Voice Required: No
Date: 1937

Sit Down, You’re Rocking The Boat – Guys And Dolls

One of my favourite musical theatre songs – mixing frenetic pacing in the chorus with some lovely legato sections in the verses. Demands a great sense of rhythm and a strong G# belt.

Get the CD here, the sheet music here and the movie here.

Top Note: G#
Mix Voice Required: No
Head Voice Required: No
Date: 1950